About us

Product development is hard. We’ve been there and done it. We have the awards. We have the scars. We have all the T-shirts.

And what we learned is this: success takes just as much work as failure.

We want our expertise to help make sure the work you do is for success.

Our vision

Digital products are not just digital. Rather, they are human experiences that improve lives or don’t. And these experience depend on the environments we are in, the devices we are using, the values we want to express, the feelings we have, the difference we want to make in our lives.  

 At BTV we design for life experiences. We design screens and app. But we also design business models, go to market plans, onboarding flows, support processes. We design teams. We design operations. We design for ethical and sustainability values. We design for every activity that makes up the experience of how people embrace your product in their lives. It’s everything. We’ve created a structured process to design for the totality of product experiences. We call it ‘Total Product.’


Our team

Our collective experience amounts to 100 years in digital years (it’s the same as dog years). And we’ve built products across every platform and launched into nearly every sector for clients and ourselves. We know product.

But we are specialists. We focus on B2B, B2B2C, marketplace and ecosytem products in Fintech & DeFI, Insuretech, Supply Chain & Logistics, Spatial Web & IOT.

And we like to move fast. We like to get something in front of customers and stakeholders as soon possible. We like to learn fast.  Move on faster. Build for success at velocity. 

Our values





That’s it.